Visitor Management Software keeps a track record of every visitor and his/her duration of stay. We can also provide modified visitor management system for meeting the specific requirement of the clients. The features can also be added or removed, if needed by our valuable clients.

Visitor Management System is particularly relevant in institutions and companies with security requirements and / or high numbers of visitors a large role. Visitor Management With the visitors of your business, you can quickly retrieve the recording system or existing data.
Here it is enormously important to always keep track of visitor flows and movements. In access control and ticketing are reliable visitor management systems required. Our software for Visitor Management is a powerful solution for recording, pr-booking and management of its visitors.

1. Login Window

2. Dashboard : Contains Today’s expected visitors, top 5 recent visitors are listed. In third column alerts, visitors count, top 10 visitors, top 10 hosts, average duration of visits, exceeded visits count & visitors statistic is listed.


3. Add New Visitors

4. Visitors List

5. Add New Appoinment

6. Appointment List

7. Today’s Appointment List

8. Add New Resource

9. Employees

10. Visitors Report

11. Today’s Appointment  Report

12. Appointment Report

13. Department wise Appointment  Report

14. Employee wise Appointment Report

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