School Attendance Software System

School Attendance Software System is  developed by SmartSuite Team , School Attendance Software system may be a Complete on-line School Application that features all kinds of school/institute/college Management & Administration profile as Front table, Registration, Admission, Fee, Time Table, employees Management,  Students-Staff daily attendance, Examination, Library, Hostel, Payroll, Transportation, Inventory, Accounts, MIS Reports, Utilities, panel, Multiuser beat up LAN & Multi Location additionally. It’s a straightforward to use & powerful system for school/institute/college to Management, Admin and parents access across the globe. establishment provides a connected-integrated answer that reduces work from academics & directors with lower total value of possession.

School Attendance Software System is totally integrated for college/University/College/Academic Institutes’s Administration ; Management software system that is intended as a whole suite of options that the simplest academic software system, you’ll have school/institute/college Management software system may be a customize, low-cost and easy system for tiny, medium and enormous colleges. The Software system is capable to manage even each smallest detail, relating to school/institute/college’s Administration; Management and associated with each module of the Software system. This School Attendance Software system help to manage the school/institute/college’s Administration in a particularly economical means.

Important Features of School Attendance Software System

  • Totally Web based Software system
  • Complete system are obtainable on-line; off-line with centralized processing.
  • Multiple Branches will be connected to every different through common centralized server.
  • It provides real data to Admin to edit & modify and print for users or cluster of users on a selected form/module.
  • Automatic all certificates (TC, pro-visionary, Alumni, Character etc) generation
  • Unique Identity Cards.
  • Mail/SMS Alert for academic Fees , Examinations, Transport, Management etc.
  • Compatible with Hardware devices Like:-
    • Fingerprint Devices
    • Barcode readers.
    • Card Based,
    • RFID Based,
    • Handheld Devices

ADVANTAGES of School Attendance Software System
  • School Attendance System can assist you for straightforward modification from manual to computerised one.
  • Minimize hand written work from admission to alumni formation; academic to non-academic.
  • No Repetition of Task.
  • Correct time programing (Time table) saves abundant of it slow throughout vacation for artistic activities and plans for next academic term.
  • Time saver and extremely facilitates correct communication among the management, employees and Parents.
  • Bulk sms/ Mass Mailing.

Modules in School Attendance

School Attendence Software System

  •  Front table Management
  •  Registration Management
  •  Admission Management
  •  Fee Management
  •  School Time Table sheduling
  •  employees Management
  •  Students/Staff group action Management
  •  Examination Management
  •  Library Management
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Transport Management
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Accounts Management
  •  Hostel Management
  •  Mis Reports
  •  Utilities
  •  Admin Management
  •  Multiuser beat up LAN

Details in Brief for available modules

Front table Management :
Front table Management Module of School Attendance System maintenance tickets for appointments, scheduling, and gate-pass for visitors/suppliers/ oldsters; dispatches/received, acknowledgments, complaints, and issuances of transfer/character/bona-fide certificates, and generate multiple valuable reports etc.
Registration Management :

School directors will manage all registrations, one easy, automatic package program. From limiting category sizes to mechanically making all oldsters and students of their statuses, School Attendance System keeps colleges organization economical with managing data for all students.
Admission Management :
Speedily and with efficiency execute the whole Admission method for each new and recent students; these students square measure mechanically treated otherwise supported the provided data, together with a facility to print admission cards. The module manages the entire details regarding the scholars and their parents/guardians as their  contact details like address, Contact number, Profession
Fee Management:
The Fee Management Module of SchoolAppOnDemand is one among the foremost automatic fee assortment modules obtainable accessible market. with the exception of being automatic it’s, at a similar time, flexible, enough to accommodate the variable nature of the fee most of the tutorial establishments bump into.
Time Table Management:
Only on one-time input of the essential data regarding the supply of subjects to the teacher, teacher to the categories and range of lessons every|for every} subject to every category & each section, the system showing intelligence generates the foremost probable combination of the plan and allocation of the plan for the session.
With computerised help, the plan will be changed by the user to suits additional specific of the college further because the employees whereas the pc can persevere prompting regarding the clashes and recommend potential resolution. the entire painful task of your time table preparation are became a frolicsome rise.
Employees Management:
By the Module of employees Management, School’s Administration mechanically manages teacher’s teaching programing as a previous record/ same day & for any programing by default category wise/ subject wise/ section wise & amount wise and conjointly mechanically manages teacher adjustment within the absents of another teacher/teachers apace and with efficiency execute with alternate choices etc…
Students/ employees group action Management:
Attendance section performs totally different roles for college students and staff. Student’s group action details act as a tool to spot irregularities within the tutorial interests of the scholars.
Employee attendances square measure employed in conjunction with the payroll module to mechanically implement the leave policies. varied sorts of leaves square measure obtainable that will be marked for workers. Details {of obtainable|of obtainable|of accessible} further as availed leaves also are available for every worker. The system conjointly assists the user and restricts the user type distribution over the prescribed range of leaves. The module offers a range of reports to point out group action records.
Examination Management :
Through the examination module conceal designing, execution, maintenance and observation evolution. It permit you to watch progresses at totally different levels for varied uniting of subjects, examinations and year’s for single/all students further as class/section presentation. maintains it’s whole and utterly profiles as what number marks obtained, term wise/ category wise/ subject wise/ student wise; mechanically grading facility in line with obtaining score; through marks setup manages, passing marks & most marks; marks tabulate cowl – obtained marks student wise/ subject wise; motor vehicle generated report cards – marks wise/ grade wise/ proportion wise/ rank wise/ subject wise grading/ explicit student wise & category wise conjointly. This module options invention of custom-made  reports and helps in creating the method additional clear.
Library Management:
The Library Management addresses all library wants and measures. It provides for supplying and come back of books from students further as employees, managing availability of books, use of rule master for book teams, restrictions by category on supplying of book, dues, maximum/minimum issued books, generate and maintain book catalogues. varied reports square measure obtainable to represent the knowledge.
Moreover, the system conjointly supports definition of a mulct Policy in order that the books came late square measure penalised in line with the policies au fait of a better authority.
Inventory Management:
The inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, supplying of things and maintenance of stock availableness. This module is full of variety of options like generation of requisitions, covering main store and  purchase orders, shipping note, purchase bill, purchase come back, worker issue ; come back, main store issue & come back, stock ledger, stock statements and fast/slow moving things. The inventory module conjointly facilitates variety of systematic reports helpful for internal control. Over time, users will have annual reports on the consumption and price factors of the things in inventory.
Such a record of the inventory conjointly imparts a way of answerableness on the incharge/superviser of the utilization of all such things.
Transport Management:
SmartSuite School Attendance System’s Transport Management has facilities to report the fuel consumption, Insurance data Taxes data and allow data Management. This module options stop; route provision to student/staff, range of scholars on every stop/route,
number of stops on every route with space map, maintenance schedule and vehicle requisition for varied occasions.
The Transport module is additionally integrated into the fee structure and accounts in order that the transport charges square measure mechanically charged from the scholars, to the management, the system provides imperative data relating to the expiration Details of fuel consumption and fuel economy of the vehicle etc..
Payroll Management:
The Payroll Management is intended for handling of remuneration/payment for staff. This provide pay slips, provident fund statements, skilled tax statements, remuneration statements. varied calculation parameters; configurable as per the user necessities and also the allowances  differing types of reports are obtainable to represent the knowledge generated.
The payroll module is capable of calculation the operating days, due  quantity, deductions etc…
Accounts Management:
The Accounts Management may be a complete accounting package in itself. This module options choices for daily necessities, starting from day books, book, schedule balances, path balance, income/expense statements and record accounts and conjointly permits to drill-downs from balance sheets to vouchers and mechanically manages posting of fees into applicable accounts heads.
Apart from this, the user isn’t restricted with solely mechanically posting however the generic accounting processes also are obtainable as in most well-liked accounting packages.
Hostel Management:
This module specially designed to handle Child/Youth Hostels Associations and manage all activities associated with a hostel. This module facilitates reservation and allocation of rooms, managing space facilities, maintaining outing and discipline, guests records, house keeping and eating house management etc…, it conjointly offers a range of reports. The system uses one single centralized info that serves the activities of the total associations. Technically, it’s a multi-tier or Multi-tasking application running from a central server. Users square measure victimization skinny purchasers, connected to the server victimization LAN.
MIS Reports:
The Report module may be a basic module of SchoolAppOnDemand that generates various reports that features fee details, student registrations, Student admissions, classes, subjects  teacher’s reports and plenty of additional. All modules and also the desired reports will be generates in line with the specified users.
Set alerts for you to require action associate regular times like birthday reminders, oldsters day of remembrance, necessary meeting reminders, event calendars (an event which can be occur on a selected date either in an exceedingly year or in an exceedingly month), feedback for student provided by teacher and feedback for workers provided by employer and data base backup restore.
Control Panel:
Access right at module and performance level give management and answerableness.

  • Create Users: you’ll be create users by the software
  • Users Group: It will be uses among a bunch of staff in an exceedingly single time.
  • User’s Right: Administration permits associate admin to possess full management on delegation of authority to the varied staff in order that their domain of operation could also be restricted to their own department solely. No worker is ready to see/edit/modify the knowledge that’s not pertinent to his/her role within the organization. This acts as an excellent management tool and permits authorities to possess direct management over the employees’ access to the package and to the school’s data resources normally.
  • Modification Password: Multiple user will be use their separate watchword and conjointly modification the watchword of work package.

Multi-user beat up LAN:

This package supported client; server package pass multiuser (LAN) in an exceedingly single time. A class of Multiusers work over LAN where processing is distributed among one or more information requesters (clients) and one or more information providers (servers), further as within the interfaces (network, protocols, middleware) between them. Client/Server includes each two-tier, wherever purchasers speak on to servers and three-tier wherever a 3rd package part provides interfaces services between the purchasers and also the servers.

Salient Features

  • Absolute management on college processes through 100% automation.
  • 365 days X 24hrs X 7 availableness.
  • customized Services for fogeys, Students, Teachers, and Management

Benefits for School Attendance System


  • call network.
  • Common platform for Student, Parents, academics and Management.
  • easy and simple to implement and maintenance free setting
  • Benefit for Organisation
  • availableness of real time data
  • simple Command, management and communication
  • internal control
  • Paper less transactions