Identity Management System


SmartSuite Identity Management System  addresses customer’s security concerns by providing solutions that enable the right access to the right systems by the right people at the right time.
Our solutions are delivered by the best technical people in the business; our experience has shown that business process analysis is just as important as the technology.

Using proven delivery methodology and approach, SmartSuite IDM Software has delivered more Identity and Access Management engagements than anyone else in the India, successfully tailoring the correct technology to any market or customer.

Give users control of identity service requests and apply rigor to identity-related business processes with integrated identity and service management.

From password resets to user provisioning, Identity Management  becomes a big task as an organization grows. Whether you are a large global enterprise or a smaller organization, SmartSuite IDM provides industry-leading identity management solutions for your business.


  • Enterprise Identity Management server
  • User Management
  • Verification DB Management
  • Log Management
  • Screen Saver
  • Log-on
  • System Restriction
  • File Encryption
  • DB Backup

Identity Management Server System protecting from danger of loss and fraudulent use by utilizing biometric data in order to solve the existing security problems, which occurs during authentication procedure using password or IC card and it can save biometric data and transfer a user’s authentication result using saved biometric data to the user(client).