The Online Contract Labor Management System developed by BioEnable is based on Biometric Fingerprint Technology where all the labour will be registered with their Fingerprint and other details which can be used for verification as well and only the authorized labours will enter the premise based on the quota defined and approved by the companies Higher Authorities through the system itself. This will help them in a big way to manage the data of all the labours to avoid any fraud, get the proper manpower as required and manage them efficiently through the system and eliminate the improper billing by contractors completely as payment will be done against system generated bill based on the number of labours supplied by a particular contractors and system calculated man-hour work done by a particular labour.

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  • Projections of labour requirements from Shop floor and sanctions at Admin level.
  • Registration of the labour, Contractor.
  • Projections of labours requirement to the various contractors.
  • Standard Reports for labour and contractor activities.
  • Information of Contractor & his company.
  • Labour Profession – Soft Skilled and Hard Skilled, technical, Non-Technical etc.
  • In and out attendance through various means like Biometric, Barcode and RFID, and storage of Photo, as applicable.
  • Requisition of labour and wage calculations on Daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis Contractors Payments records and settlements
  • Simple card/fingerprint generation system

BioEnable -Web based Contract Labor Management Software Standard Formats and Module Details

  • Login Page

  • Option 1 – Can login as an employee /Contractor
  • Option2- Can login as a Plant Head/Supervisor/Manager
  • Option3- Can login as an Admin/HR Head
  • Modules in CLMS Software
  • Dashboard : Here you can check the Today’s Total quota/Today’s Total Labours Present Count/Today’s Total Approved Logs Count
  • Company: Here you can add the Terminals /Plants/ Departments/ Employees
  • Registration: In this you can do the Registration of all Contractors/ Labours/ and can define the Contracts and can check the Terminated Labours with Blacklisting/Whitelisting list of Contractors and Labours
  • Attendance: Here you can check and approve the Attendance Logs /Overtime Approval/ Attendance Approval /Attendance Approval (department) for all.
  • Reports: Here you can check the various listed reports with standard formats like Attendance Timecard daily/ Attendance Timecard Monthly/ Present Report Daily/ Present Report Monthly Absent Report Daily / Absent Report Monthly /Contractor Bill /Labour Bill /Quota Report
  • Administration: In this you can define the Skill Categories and can define the Quota with Increase/Decrease Quota.
  • Leave Management: Here you can manage the leaves of employees like their leaves, allowed leaves and generate leave report
  • Shifts : Here in this Shift Master you can define the multiple shifts for contractor and labor for weekly, monthly and yearly basis and also can assign the auto shift feature in this nearby shift automatically assign to the person.
  • Settings : Here you can do the Approval Setting and in which you can define the Approval Strategy and Approval Matrix also you can do the Settings and define the Paid Holiday and Rate for labors and contractors as per their skill define to them and it will be shown in contractor and labor bill.
  • Manual Timecard: If required here you can edit the logs also after approval

  • Details like site, blood group, photographs can be incorporated on the card
  • Attendance using fingerprint scanning
  • Shift logic
  • Over time, double shift logics
  • Time sheet generation
  • Labor/Contractor Restriction
  • Automatic Approval Process
  • Mail Alerts
  • Menu Management
  • Color Bands For Different Type of Labors
  • Save time
  • Simplify the procurement contract process
  • Allow for compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Enhance the standardization of the contract process
  • Maximum realization of revenue and cost savings through the maximization of the
  • Benefits of each contract
  • Introduce paper free contracts.


  • In case of accident / threat, man count & individual details can be traced.
  • For labour projections requirements, labour attendance and wage calculations.
  • Reduces manpower at the Gate.
  • Focused activity by the Manpower at the gate.
  • Eliminates the Manual errors
  • User friendly
  • Productivity improvements
  • Utilization improvements
  • Improve customer Service Levels
  • Compliance and tracking of Working Time Directive
  • Accurate and fair payment of employees
  • Automatic and accurate assignation of costs to projects

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