We offer quality solution to our clients in the form of Canteen Management Software, which is widely used in many large oCanteen Management Systemr small scale canteens. This software effectively maintains the accounts of working employees, while maintaining an inventory of day-to-day operations of the canteen. It works on the card swipe system and provides complete information about cost of each employee.

Our clients can avail from us Canteen Management software in various customized options. Keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of the clients, these are offered at nominal prices. Our quality centric policies enable us to maintain high standards during all the processes of procurement and supply.

Project Scope

The system will maintain location wise canteen details of particular organization. The system will also maintain available menus with their rates and quantity. The system is going to maintain a calendar for canteen so that administrators can preplan the menus for particular timeslot. The system will interact with RFId cards and Finger Print Scanner for Employee Identification and Authentication of  transactions at Canteen

Work Flow Of The System

  • Initially, folks can swipe their card on the device or by putting fingerprint, whereas resuming on the shift.
  • The menu item on the input device will be selected as per alternative.
  • On the menu item choice, the device will issue the canteen coupon from the inbuilt printer.
  • This coupon acts as a confirmation of the menu selected by the person, inclusive of name, card code, date, time and menu item selected .
  • The same coupon is bestowed by the person visiting the canteen at the time of meals to the Canteen Personnel.
  • Whenever a coupon is issued, device can store constant ‘coupon-data’ in its nonvolatile memory. Gradually, of these records are sent to the computer at once.
  • Within few minutes, a canteen report are prepared which might be sent to the Canteen Manager, to make arrangements for the meals in this specific shift consequently.
  • If Canteen computer is on constant network, this report will be viewed/printed by Canteen Manager.

Some helpful options of Canteen Management System that Automates the canteen and provides problem free surroundings are:
  • User Friendly:
    canteen management systems provides user friendly booth for users for choosing the food things and provides simple direct printing of coupons, the canteen management computer code helps the vendors to keep up a sleek flow of operations
  • Automated Canteen Vender Management:
    Smart I’s machine-driven Canteen management computer code helps the organization to keep up correct accounts moreover as keeps transparency with the seller.
  • Cash less Transactions:
    Canteen Management System provides cashless transactions within the canteen space by pre paid and post paid request choices accessibility.
  • User outlined Rules & Regulations:
    Restriction may be set in line with time interval for the item’s accessibility and Special rules also can be integrated inside system. E.g. same ID card isn’t applicable for same day with same shift time.
  • Configured Menu Items:
    The new menu things may be created daily or on fortnightly basis by the bank canteen manager; good I’s canteen management system additionally provides with facility to tack together the provision of unlimited things throughout the day/night.
  • Reports Generation:
    Maintain and Generate report of individual employees / contractor wise / subcontractor account on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Generation of style of report also can be bespoken in line with the organization necessities.
  • Challenges:
  •  In case of Multiple Locations of canteen consolidated utilization is needed that is extremely tedious or nearly not possible just in case of a manual method.
  • Multiple things managementEffective inventory management
  • Re-ordering of things to be managed so as to stock at correct time.
  • Subsidized food pursuit

Key Features

  • Easy swapping system on counter with transaction verification facility(Barcode,Proximity, smart card, thumb scanning)
  • Maintains employee database with photograph which in turn also helps in maintaining all employee records.
  • Advance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees on any day or shift can be notified to the caterers.
  • Special rules & regulation can also be integrated within system.
  • Details for Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report meal taken by employee
  • Account report daily /weekly /monthly/ yearly
  • Bill printing on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis

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