Web Based Contract Labor Management System

Advance Feature for Contract Labor Management System


Contract Labor will be marked IN either by Thumb/RFID or through Barcode according to his shift. Also he may swipe more than once but first swipe will be collected as IN Swipe and Last swipe will be taken as OUT. According to IN and OUT swipes actual working hours will be calculated. This system will calculate Present/absent days as well as Extra Hours based on IN and OUT swipes. This will be the input to execute wages for the labours, which can be executed weekly/ Bi-weekly or Monthly. Rate for the labor according to the contractor will be fixed in advance. Thus, the payment according to Contractor’s Labour can be calculated and disbursed accurately.

Available Modules in CLMS Software

  • Contractor’s License Documentation and other legal papers uploading facility.
  • Facility to track license expiry and system should generate a popup on expiry and also stop access to his workers.
  • Plant (company) wise restriction for labors/contractor.
  • Attendance approval process for labors on daily basis by authorized person inside the plant.
  • Quota approval process by authorized person every time when added.
  • Contractor/Contract approval process by authorized person.
  • Mail alert for each approval process to the authorized person
  • Labors restriction in case if quota full for particular day.
  • Labors/contractor restriction in case they are blacklisted/terminated by higher authority.
  • According to IN, OUT Punches Working Hours will be calculated.
  • Skillet wise wages report for labors/contractor.
  • Detail reports of all regarding labors/contractors related activities.


  • Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) is an important process in any enterprise. Contracting helps in improvising the bottom-line with keeping the liabilities limited.
  • Today, it is almost unavoidable for any Principal Employer not to avail services of Contract Workers.
  • However due of the Compliance Issues, Safety & Security issues, Accidents, Periodic medical check-ups etc, the entire contract management process becomes a complex subject for the departments like HR, Security & Facilities etc.
  • But Our Contract Labor Management Module is a comprehensive feature, designed specifically for your businesses.
  • The module comes complete with specific contractor names, dates of expiry of the contracts, all individually tailored for each contractor, complete with the photograph of the contracting party.