Smartsuite Solution

Time Attendance Software

Time Attendance Management Software with advanced features like Organization chart, detailed Employee records management, Leaves management, Attendance management, Shift Scheduling along with extensive Reports & Charts. It is a PHP based Web software that be installed on company intranet or web servers. It can work in both Windows & Linux Environment

Contract Labor Management System

This will help them in a big way to manage the data of all the labours to avoid any fraud, get the proper manpower as required and manage them efficiently through the system and eliminate the improper billing by contractors completely as payment will be done against system generated bill based on the number of labours supplied by a particular contractors and system calculated man-hour work done by a particular labour

Payroll Software

It is an intranet/internet application that provides employees personalized and secure access to most frequently requested payroll related information such as Pay Slip, Income Tax Report, Previous Income Details, Digital Signature Form 16, Leave Management Module, PF Nomination, Reimbursement Management, Attendance Management, and Time sheet Management etc.

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software keeps a track record of every visitor and his/her duration of stay. We can also provide modified visitor management system for meeting the specific requirement of the clients. The features can also be added or removed, if needed by our valuable clients.

Canteen Management System

We offer quality solution to our clients in the form of Canteen Management Software, which is widely used in many large or small scale canteens. This software effectively maintains the accounts of working employees, while maintaining an inventory of day-to-day operations of the canteen. It works on the card swipe system and provides complete information about cost of each employee.

School and Institute Management Software

School and Institute Management Software is designed to facilitate the processing of reports are like student report cards, student Presence Data, Presence Data Employees and Student Savings. In addition the software also has many advantages that include Multi user, connected in a network connection, manuals and guidebooks available video tutorials, which are accessed using a web-based Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides the IT Master also supports operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Infant Security- Child Identification

There are lot of cases of child theft and newborn child swaps by mistake or intentional. Most of them are either not reported or are never known to parents. All these can be controlled with such Child ID solutions. The system is completely based upon Cloud networking, with advanced Terminal kits for registration and verification of every new born child in the hospital. With a broader aim of reducing child theft, swapping, and female infanticide, it will made obligatory for the hospitals to register every newborn child with the details of its parents

Energy Management - Power/ Electricity Control

Energy Management System that will reduce the cost of energy to a customer by optimizing the methods used to control both processes and equipment to utilize energy more economically and efficiently. Energy Management is a customized solution that can range from a simple Remote Monitoring System to a completely engineered Automated Control System.