Labour Management System

This is a complete labour management system that can help organizations of all sizes – around the world – to manage their labour. And easily manage. In order to clearly know the specific distribution of our work, every company has need to work on our statistical calculations, only clearly understand their own businesses work distribution, it helps us to take the appropriate measures to adjust Our work distribution, thus effectively control our entire production costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.labor resource management systems, mainly for the integrated management of the town of village labor resources, surplus labor, secondary and tertiary industries practitioners, transfer of training, transfer of employment, labor export and new expansion of employment needs of enterprises and other information.


  • Registration of the labour, Contractor.
  • Shift logic and Mail Alerts
  • Automatic Monthly Salary and PF calculation
  • Automatic ESI calculation of every Employee.
  • Provide Facility to Generate Bill of Labour Supply.
  • Automatic Working Days and Over Time Hours calculation