SmartSuite Solutions

Time Attendance Management Software with advanced features like Organization chart, detailed Employee records management, Leaves management, Attendance management, Shift Scheduling along with extensive Reports & Charts. It is a PHP based Web software that be installed on company intranet or web servers.

Student Management System

Student information management system for a large number of school work and the development of business process management software, mainly for school student information management, the overall task is to achieve a systematic relationship between student information, scientific, standardized and automated, whose main task is all kinds of information for students using a computer

Centralized Visitor Management

Visitor Management Systems is cost effective and dependable Visitor Management application that helps an organization to manage and track visitors at the entry/exit gate and at the premises. This system cannot just improve the entry process, but also enhance the site security and manage the details for effectively.

Payroll Software

Payroll Software is an application which works on .Net (Dot Net) technology. This software is used by organizations for processing salaries of their employees. Salaries of the employees can be edited and reset using the payroll software. Users have mainly two options namely admin and employees.

Coupon Less Canteen Management

Many organizations have their own canteen or facility on contract to produce food/meal at economical value for his or her staff. historically, the apply followed is distributing manual written coupon to staff at a postpaid value. but this technique demands additional supplying in printing, distributing coupons and furthermore maintaining the account of every employee’s