Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal

Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal – Trans v1 FP is a unique device launched by BioEnable that will revolutionize the way you do business.

Trans v1 FP is a powerful mobile payment terminal provided with secure ARM9 CPU, 24M large memory, compact design, and supports GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless communication methods and multi-application.

The device comes with RS232 serial port with RJ11 connector.So, additional peripherals can also be attached to this port.

KEY FEATURES of Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal – Trans v1 FP

  • PCI V1.3, online & offline certified
  • EMV2000 Level I & II Certified
  • Elegant and slim design, convenient swiping card vertically
  • Large capacity battery, over 250 transactions per charge
  • Powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signaling to ensure reliable transaction
  • Powerful ARM9 (200MHz), 32-bit, outstanding performance in mass data and EMV transactions
  • 24MB memory, support downloading many applications simultaneously
  • Embedded wireless communication module, GPRS, /CDMA/ WiFi (optional)
  • Ergo-designed built-in PIN Pad with extra dust and water proof
  • High speed thermal printer, up to 28 lines/sec, support Out-of-paper detection and printing double-layer paper
  • Support multi-application, remote download for applications and parameters.

APPLICATIONS of Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal – Trans v1 FP

  • Mobile Time Attendance in Bus/Cars
  • School Attendance System
  • Membership Management System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Canteen Management System

SPECIFICATIONS of Trans v1 FP Handheld Mobile Data Terminal

Fingerprint scanner has RJ11 connector which needs to be connected to the RJ11 port of Trans v1 device.

Wireless Communication

  • WiFi with inbuilt antenna
  • GPRS/2G with inbuilt antenna

Supported OS & Development Platforms

  • Windows – Windows XP, Vista & Win7
  • Linux 2.6 or better Kernel with Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat etc.
  • C/C++ and more Development environment


  • CE Certification
  • FCC Certification
  • CCC Certification
  • UL,RoHS,PCI,PED,EMV Certification