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December 5, 2013

Palm Vein Attendance System

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Written by: smartsuite_in


Our Palm/Vein recognition technology is that the results of our long  analysis into image recognition and process technology. it’s a contactless, hygienic, non-invasive system that is quick, accurate, and simple to use. merely hold your palm a number of centimeters over alittle scanner, and among a second the scanner captures a near-infrared image of your distinctive vein pattern. Our algorithmic rule converts this image into a digitized templet, so matches it against a info of pre-registered templates.

Hardware  Description
  • Table Top Palm reader : This model is Computer Dependent, and can be used both as Registration unit and Authentication unit.
  • Wall Mounted Palm reader: This model in Independent of Computer System, can be LAN based, needs Internet for User’s Server connectivity or WSX Cloud Computing.
  • Wall Mounted Palm reader : This model in Independent of Computer System and Internet for User’s Server connectivity or WSX Cloud Computing.
  • EM Lock for Palm reader: This model is Independent of Computer System, connected to LAN for Local Server connectivity. Accessories are worked out separately.
  • Turnstile for Palm reader :  This model is Independent of Computer, connected to LAN for Local Server connectivity, can be customized for any model of Turnstile
  •  Contactless authentication is hygienic and non-invasive
  •  Advanced authentication algorithm produces a high level of accuracy with an FAR (false accept rate) of 0.00008%
  •  FRR (false reject rate) of 0.01%
  •  Fast and easy enrollment (under one minute)
  •  Fast, easy, and secure authentication (under one second)

BENEFITS of Palm vein reader

The use of Palm Vein Recognition Sensor in the Design & Development of Palm reader gives it multifold advantage over existing biometric systems in the country on the following lines:

  • Wide range of applications to include Banking, Healthcare, High Security Areas, Offices, Education Institutes, Logical Access, Vehicles, Membership etc.
  • Difficult to forge
  • Stress free to use for public use
  • Higher user acceptance
  • Faster throughputs ensures serving larger user base
  • Can be used by everyone from age 5 onwards.
  • 100% enrolment is possible
  • Easy to use Simplifies Operations
  • Allows to be used in multi-form factors or directly with PC
  • Easy integration to create multi-model solutions
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • When integrated with a Software driven System, can work more than just a Time Attendance System
  • Ideal to serve customers, such as Security Forces, Government Agencies and Financial Institutions, who require advanced security.

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