Buy Fingerprint Time Attendance system & Fingerprint Access control system for Offices. Fingerprint Scanner & Fingerprint Reader with Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Computer security & UID Aadhaar project. Source Biometrics Security systems, Fingerprint Recognition, Face recognition & Iris Recognition technology products & services. We offer Biometric Time Attendance machine & Biometric Access control systems and software.

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Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is an application used to track down the time that an entire process or a part of the process took to get completed. Before time tracking software existed, people used to maintain and track the time manua...
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Time Clock Software

Time clock software is an application which is now being widely used in organizations throughout the world, with the help of which the employees can clock in and out. This software provides accurate real time of the employees...
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Employee Time Sheet Template

Employee time sheet template is a set of templates which works on excel. It has space for saving employees name, start time, end time, meal break, etc. It is used in organizations where numbers of employees are limited. With th...
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Employee Time Tracking

Employee time tracking is used to record the time an employee took to complete a project. It is a complete web based software and therefore can be accessed from anywhere around the world. With the help of employee time tracking...
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HR Software

HR software is an application that automates employee management and administration processes as per the planned strategies. It has the facility to set reminders for important meetings and events. HR software helps in new recru...
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Open Source Time and Attendance Software

Open source time and attendance software is an application which collects data from sources like employees’ punch and fingerprint scans to prepare a their records of attendance and also to calculate their working hours in a m...
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