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July 2, 2015

Invisible Biometrics Month: The Primer

If you follow convenient authentication to its logical conclusion you will find yourself in the realm of invisible biometrics. A label reserved for completely frictionless strong authentication, invisible biometrics verify user identity with very little to no effort on the human’s part. To a verified user, when invisible biometrics are involved, it’s like every door is open, all security questions have disappeared and PINs are a thing of the past.

Throughout July at FindBiometrics we will be examining the solutions, applications and innovations associated with biometrics so frictionless you don’t even know they’re there.

Welcome to Invisible Biometrics Month.

Multimodal Invisibility

multimodal biometricsThe criteria for an invisible biometric solution is simple: it must authenticate a user without her having to interact with a panel. Because this definition is amodal, there is a diverse range of technologies that qualify for the invisible label. Iris, face and voice recognition are the primary invisible biometrics but, as security professionals strive to meet the convenience demands of users, new modalities are being explored. As such, vital biometrics and behavioral analytics have entered the space – the latter offering persistent authentication while the former learns how a user acts online and in the real world.

Below you will find links pertaining to a variety of invisible biometrics solutions that leverage different modalities.

Aite Highlights NuData as Leader Behavioral Analytics

NEC Bringing Behavioral Biometrics to Tokyo

SpeechPro Tech to Help CallMiner Platform Sort Out Voices

New AGNITiO Tech Can Authenticate Via Natural Speech

Delta ID Tech Powers Smartphone’s Iris Scanner

FST Biometrics Tech To Bolster Brazilian Security Firm

ISC West 2015: SIA Recognizes SRI’s Biometrics

Catching Fraud, Improving Convenience

Invisible biometrics have major applications in anti-fraud. Online financial transactions, as well as those performed via phone, are traditionally cluttered with inconveniences, most prominently CAPTCHA images (those malformed letters and numbers you’re made to retype when creating an acocunt or completing a purchase) and security questions (those highly subjective queries that sometimes equate to a second password). These are important anti-fraud measures, meant as a second layer of security to weed out malicious software, cyber criminals and phone frauds. With invisible biometrics, specifically voice and behavioral recognition, a service provider can verify a customer ID passively, removing those layers of inconvenience that hinder user adoption.

The following links provide examples of invisible biometrics, both behavioral and voice based, being used to enhance customer experience while mitigating fraud.

Early Warning Integrates Behavioral Biometrics

Behavioral Biometrics Improve Customer Relationships

BioCatch Takes Aim at ‘New User’ Fraudsters

SpeechPro Voice Biometrics To Improve Customer Engagement

Nuance Brings Voice Recognition to Eastern Bank Callers

Staying True

In combination with wearable tech, authentication can become invisible thanks to new innovations in vital biometrics. Cardiac recognition is emerging as a viable mode of strong authentication, and the implementations of it are enabling persistent verified ID. Among the most robust of these persistent cardiac authentication solutions is the Nymi wristband, which is being embraced by major financial institutions to allow for contactless payments. When wearing a persistent authentication device, invisible biometrics hide in plain sight: something you are is disguised as something you wear.

Wearable Vital Biometrics Offer Passive And Persistent Authentication

Introducing The New Cardiac Biometrics System From Olea

Nymi Considered By British Bank

MWC 2015: Nymi Called The Future of Payment

Unlocking Doors

Invisible biometrics, it should be no surprise, also have a place in physical access control. Face, iris and behavioral biometrics can be used in a security system to offer authorized access to passively authenticated users. In practice, this kind of solution can ease congestion at security checkpoints, while also flagging unknown identities or persons on a watch list.

The links below will help illustrate how invisible biometrics can keep everything locked down while opening doors for authorized personnel.

Idesco and FST Partner, Offer Passive Authentication for Access Control

Israel Diamond Exchange Selects IMID for Security

Hotel Administration Platform Includes Biometrics for Guests

Facial Recognition Deployed at St. Louis High School

ISC West 2015: SRI To Debut Residential Biometrics


Stay with FindBiometrics throughout the rest of July as we continue to delve deeper into the world of invisible biometrics. Join in the conversation by following us on Twitter and using the hashtag #FBinvisible.

July 2, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter

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