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smartsuite software

June 4, 2013

Employee Scheduling Software

Shift Planning makes shift scheduling, management, payroll, and now easy, Normally employee shifts are fixed and assigned weeks, month or Yearly ahead. But in Many companies where there are varied Shift work schedules, In such type of company we are not assign the shift. It will be change day by day . So its not possible to pre-assign the shifts. Our Auto Shift logic, helps in automatically assigning the shifts based on employees First IN Punch time. To add to the employee scheduling feature of our Smarsuite Software application, there is now an auto-scheduler that will automatically detect empty shifts or unfilled open slots and prompts you for action. Easily monitor Auto shifts within the schedule. Alert staff about auto shifts via text message and assign shift eligibility to specific employees.


  • Create a separate schedule for Every employee
  • Allow employees to organize their own swaps changed electronically without disturbing the manager.
  • Easily create separate schedules for each sector.
  • We offer individual features for graphics management team leaders.
  • Provides a system for notification, SMS, to make scheduling easy.
  • Reduce unauthorized absences.