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December 20, 2014

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Expert Opinions and Taxi Cab Safety

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric TechnologyThis past week at FindBiometrics we published the initial results of our 12th annual industry Year in Review – a long running tradition of the biometrics industry that is bigger this year than ever before. Meanwhile our industry news section was filled with news with mobility, security and preparations for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this coming January.

Here is a look back on the week that was:

CES 2015

As the industry winds down for the holidays this week has seen a lot of annoucements about the new year, specifically in regards to how strong authentication will be impacting the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Starting on January 6, the exhibition will serve as a platform this year for a large number of biometric and two factor post-password solutions. FIDO announced this week that many of its members will be demonstrating products in line with its online authentication specifications, while SecuGen outlined its plans to show off its two newest fingerprint sensors. Those of us interested in the world of wearable biometric tech that measured vitals will also be excited to see what Valencell has in store for the show.

The FIDO Alliance Announces Password Killing CES 2015 Presence

Various Products to Demonstrate Valencell Tech at CES 2015

SecuGen Bringing Fingerprint Biometrics to CES 2015


This week a couple of new reports from Acuity Market Intelligence had us talking once again about the automated border control and passport control markets – something that’s been in the news all year in an exciting way. Meanwhile, university students from California found reasons to champion multi-modal biometrics in logical access control.

Two news items positioned companies as leaders in their fields this week too. HID Global made the top ten list of access control brands in China while SpeechPro was named an industry leader by speech technology magazine.

Acuity Market Intelligence Touts Growth of ABC and APC

California State Students Champion Multimodal Biometrics with Security System Development

HID Global Named One of China’s Top 10 Brands for Access Control

SpeechPro Named Industry Leader by Trade Magazine

IDC Predicts Growing Importance of Biometrics in Digital Security

Biometric Cabs

A pressing development in the world of taxis and ride sharing has crossed over into the world of biometrics this week. An Indian taxi company has responded to the rape case involving a ride share customer and her driver by looking into biometric background screenings and in-car authentication technology to make customers more safe.

Meanwhile, Uber has stated that it will also add a biometric background screening process for its drivers so that more accountability can be added to its famous and disruptive ride share service.

Indian Cab Company Employs Biometrics To Bring Trust Back To Taxis

Uber Developing Biometric Screening for Drivers


The overlap between biometric technology and mobility is increasing with no indication that it will stop. This week we saw ZTE launch a smartphone with embedded hands free speech controls while Diamond Fortress released an upgraded version of its software that transforms a device’s rear facing camera into a fingerprint sensor.

Speaking of fingerprints, Precise Biometrics scored an order from the US Department of Defense Logistics Agency for 1100 Tactivo readers.

Here is how mobility fit into the biometrics news this week:

ZTE Launches Speech-Controlled Smartphone

Diamond Fortress Releases Overhauled Fingerprint-Scanning Software

Precise Biometrics’ Focus on Mobile Fingerprints Pays Off with Government Order

WVU Biometric App Startup Raises Over $1M in Angel Investment

Sticky Password Sees Security Advantages Offered by Mobile Biometrics

Invisible Biometrics: Personal Cameras’ Footage Can Reveal Users’ Identities, Say Researchers

Law Enforcement and Banking

This week we heard news from India that Aadhaar numbers are being increasingly linked to bank accounts. In the realm of law enforcement we saw concerns in the UK that biometrics are creating legal barriers for police. Stateside, Romeoville police have started using iTouch biometric technology and are experiencing a much appreciated era of efficiency.

British Biometrics Commissioner Complains of Legal Hurdles for Police

iTouch Biometrics Deploys Law Enforcement Solution for Romeoville PD

India’s Aadhaar Program Sees Over 100 Million Linked to Bank Accounts


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December 20, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter