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November 27, 2014

Biometric Border Control Month: The Roundup

Biometric Border ControlAll throughout November at FindBiometrics we have been taking an in depth look at the booming world of biometric border control solutions. This area of biometric application has been a popular topic of conversation all year in the world of identity management and as such there was plenty to unpack in the featured articles, interviews and industry news sections.

Here is a look at what we got up to during Biometric Border Control Month:

Talking About Borders and Biometrics

We began the month with a primer on the topic of biometrics and border control. Interviews and major news items from all across the related vertical market were the focus here, helping to outline the various sub-categories of conversation in the realm of protecting national boundaries. What modalities are best suited for border control? What is the ultimate goal of having biometrics at the border and what does recent market research say about the industry? All of that is covered in the Primer.

In week two we took a bit of a longer look at one of the possible futures that can result from a healthy dose of biometric border control. The barrier free security experience at border crossings is a goal that some companies and governments are working together to achieve and it’s exciting for anyone who’s ever been annoyed by time wasted in lines at security checkpoints.

Biometric Border Control Month: The Primer

Biometric Border Control Month: The Barrier Free Experience

The Real Deal

In our usual third-week-of-the-month list article we highlighted three real deployments of biometric border control solutions in airports: Iris biometrics from Iris ID in Qatar, the Happy Flow initiative in Aruba Airport, and Vancouver’s use of Crossmatch technology in its kiosks.

We also published two interviews, one with Georg Hasse of secunet, who spoke about biometric border control in Germany. Another was published just today: an interview with Peter Went, CEO of WCC, who spoke to FindBiometrics about the ins and outs of border control.

Biometric Border Control Month: Three Biometric Airport Security Deployments

Germany’s Biometric Border Control – Interview with Georg Hasse of secunet

Addressing The Challenges of Border Control – Interview with Peter Went, CEO, WCC

In The News

Biometric border control continued to be a major part of the industry news all throughout November. New reports were released helping paint an up to date picture of the border control markets as passport and visa news had us contemplating the finer details of biometric travel documents. Meanwhile we continued the march toward more convenient and secure air travel with some new deployment announcements in the US and UK.

MorphoTrust Will Take Biometric Screening Tech to Your Office

Biometric Border Control Market Boosted By Convenience

Automated Border Control Presents Opportunities For Face Biometrics Market

Biometric Security’s Triumphant Return to UK Airports

Kyrgyzstan Introduces Biometric Passport Program to a Skeptical Public

Biometric Visa Restrictions Underline The Demand For eServices

Ukraine Ramps Up Biometric Passport Initiative

New Report Underlines Continuing Trends in Biometrics Market


Stay posted to FindBiometrics throughout December as we close out what’s been a massive year in biometrics and prepare for 2015. Still want to keep talking about Biometric Border Control (and why wouldn’t you)? Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #FBBorders to keep the conversation going.

November 26, 2014 – Peter B. Counter