1) What technology skill sets do you have?

The chart below shows a selection of the technology assets our team possesses. If your required technologies are not listed, please contact us to find out whether we can offer it. Operating System : Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Access Developing Technology J2EE, UML Programming Tools C/C++, Java, ASP, VC, VB, Vbscript, PB, Delphi, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Perl, PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop.

2) How can you expand to meet my increasing needs?

We have access to human and technical resources, which can be augmented at short notice to build the required technology-specific skill. And we are able to set up new labs in compliance with your specific requirements.

3) How do you ensure corporate security in offshore projects?

Intellectual properties are protected by: Restricting access to client documents Restricting access to client software Ensuring copyright protection during development Signing NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with each team member individually A secure environment (both physical and for the network) is ensured by: Maintaining data and network security through firewalls Maintaining physical security through restricted access to labs Restricting access to floppy drives and CD drives Encrypting data transfer and communication to clients

4) Can SmartSuite run on a network?

Yes, all versions of smart suite are network abled. The database should be stored on shared network drive and the software can be installed on individual work stations or directly to the server (and the system admin, in that case, would create shortcuts.)

5) Will SmartSuite import & export?

Yes, this software offers the standard import capabilities from most common types file types (i.e. Excel, ASCI, etc.) A Custom Export Writer is built-in into the program along with some standard exports.

6) Can employees view their own data at their PC?

Yes, with the Diamond version employees can review their recorded time, their personal information, and request time off.

7) Does smart suite offer a security feature?

Yes, the security feature restricts access via user name and password. There are three primary security levels:
1.Employee access or read only
2.Supervisor access

  1. Read only per department or all departments
  2. Limited access per department or all departments
  3. Limited allows for the supervisor/administrator to record attendance information without .Changing balances or altering previous recorded data
  4. Full admin rights or non restricted within that department

3.Super Administrator:

  1. Set the rules or policies
  2. Grants security rights
  3. Updates the software

8) Can I schedule vacation for the future?

Yes, the Diamond version allows the employee to schedule future vacations before they happen…rather than recording those days before they happen (this way people can change their mind).

Yes, the program allows for employee pictures in the employee information screen and within the reports. Company logos can be added to the software in the same manner.

10) Can your staff access my data at any time?

Only if you allow us access. Software Techniques does not store or keep any copies of user data at any time. All data belongs strictly to the user and Software Techniques will only access data for support purposes under strict authorization by the user.

11) Can you offer a live net-meeting to help familiarize us with your solutions?

Yes, Live net-meetings are available on demand anytime during business hours by calling. You can also easily schedule a live net-presentation by clicking on the registration button at the top of each webpage.

12) My employee information is currently stored in an Excel spreadsheet. Can this information be imported into my new program?

Yes. We have a built-in Import Wizard to walk you through the steps to easily populate the program with your data. Data can be exported into Excel just as easily


13) Do you offer any training tools to help me learn my new program?

Yes. We provide a comprehensive User Manual, as well as online Video Tutorials that can be accessed from any Internet connection. We also offer a Premier Annual Support agreement which allows you to call with questions anytime.

14) Is every business idea good for the web?

Although the .com industry is really shaking out, it seems that the e-commerce sites that are thriving offer their products at an excellent value. After all, the client is losing the ability to pick up the product, turn it over, kick the tires, etc. If they don’t like it, they have to send it back to you or be stuck with ‘buyer’s remorse.’ In exchange for that flexibility, the buyer expects value. The sites that are succeeding in e-commerce give the buyer excellent value

15) How Can I Monitor Performance and Productivity?

Reporting systems are tailored to meet individual client requirements. Typically, periodical reports contain information about completed tasks, planned tasks, issues, risk management and questions for the client. For time and materials projects, additional reporting would normally include cost to date, cost to completion and time to completion. As an example, using the capabilities of the Internet, facilities can be provided to facilitate online interactive design, progress reporting and source deliveries at milestones.

16)Email and Sms template facility in smartsuite?

Recently launched SmartSuite has Email & SMS template facility as follows.. We have given Email & SMS template facility with smartsuite,using this Supervisor can send email or sms to any employees regarding leave,late coming, etc at any time. We can create number of Email & SMS template and can use those template to send the employees according to situation. For email template SMTP server must be set there and for SMS template setting must be their.

17)Manual attendance logs approval Process by authorised person?

Recently launched version of SmartSuite has new feature of attendance logs approval process as follows.. Whenever the employee will do manual punch entry in case if forget to punch,etc that logs will be initially in Invalid status and will require approval to be in Valid status fromtherespective authorized person. Authorized person then can approve the invalid logs just by single click or one by one they can approve the logs. Whenever the employee will do manual punch entry we have given Remark field compulsory to be added by employee. Supervisor can see the logs record of employees from employees dashboard just by single click. In this way supervisor can supervise employees manual punch entry easily.

18)New Leave dashboard defination in smartsuite?

New leave dashboard definition has following features. It shows all the employees to admin only with leave information and supervisor can see employee under him only. Information shows employees leave balance from total,leaves taken,approved leaves,unapproved leaves,etc. Also shows absent days with date,late,early arrival of employees. We can send email,sms to employees from here just by one click. All these information will help authorized person easy supervision over employees leaves status.

19)How can we define shift in smartsuite?

Ans-Like others software we have shift management in smartsuite which we can easily maintain using calendar menu. First we need to go in Shift Master to define shift name,then we need to define it using option Create Shift Definition. We can create day shift and night shift by using same option(check overnight for night and leave unchecked for day shift ) After defined shift we can assigned them to employees accordingly with time limit by selecting from date to to date.

20)How can we add Company holidays for the year and weekly OFF in smartsuit ?

Ans- First of all shift should be defined in smartsuite for employees accordingly. After that we can add company holidays for the year using Shift calendar-monthly calendar option from Calendar menu,you will find list of created shift ,Click on shift name in which you want to defined holidays,you Will get month wise calendar,click on edit link by selecting month and date to add holiday.

21)How can we allocate leaves to Individual employees in smartsuite?

Ans: In smartsuite we have leave menu with option “Leave allocation-single employee” using the same we can assign leaves to employee also we can set here expiry date to assign leaves . But before this we need to add leave types like CL,PL using “Leave-Type” option from the same menu.

22)Steps to add employees information in the smartsuite & get result properly?

Add first Department,Location,Designation from “Company menu”.Then add employees related information like. Emp_no,Emp_name,Emp_status also select Department,location for employee from “Employee menu”. Create shift as per the company policy and assign the same to the employees from “Calendar menu”. Finally upload the logs from device database if any and generate the result.

23)How will come to know the manual punch entry done by employee?

Ans- In Attendance menu there is attendance logs option, admin/HR can see all the employees log from there,it will show shift name column,  there is “0″ if punch is from device,otherwise “shift name” will be there like “Main Shift”.

24)Why the wamp server(localhost)is not running even after successfull installation?

Ans-WAMP server uses the Port No 80 (HTTP default port),some times other services might be using port 80 and dont allow the wamp server to use it. You need to change the port no 80 to others like “81/8080/8081″ from (wamp server icon- Apache-httpd.conf file). Restart services and run the wamp server.

25)How can we give the indivisual login to the registerd employees in smartsuite?

Ans-After registration get completed there is Employee Privileged option in the Employee menu. You will find the list of all the employees there,Edit the perticular employee.Mark the Active log in field & save it. Use the email id of the employee as username and no password (blank)

26)Is it possible to do shift rotation in Smartsuite?

Ans-Yes it is possible.There is template pattern in the smartsuite where we can define rotating shift according to day/week/month wise.
Find the attachment.

27)What if any employee goes on official tour? How his attendance will get marked?

Ans-In the smartsuite we have given the option tour in leave menu so the perticular employee can add the details of the tour.
Or employee can do the manual punches after the tour through the bulk punch entry and remark as “tour”.

28)Why report is not showing IN and OUT timings of the some of the employees?

Ans-Some times even if the employee makes IN and OUT punch the smartsuite report doesn’t show employees IN and OUT punches reports. Such problem arise because the shift master is not properly configured in the smartsuite for those employees, so create the shift and assign to those employee.

29)Why the employee is not listed in the smartsuite even after registered them?

Ans- You need to fill the the fields properly while registering the employee, like  employment_status,department,location.