Fire Alarm System – Introduction

Fire Alarm System for early detection and to inform fire , and take timely and effective measures to control and extinguish the fire, and set in a building or other place of an automatic fire facilities, is indispensable to modern fire safety technical facilities.

Fire Alarm System – Overview

Fire Alarm System fire alarm system is composed by a trigger devices , fire alarms and other auxiliary functions of the device. Early in the fire, the combustion smoke, heat and light radiation and other physical quantities, by temperature sensing smoke, fire detectors and photosensitive into electrical signals transmitted to the fire alarm control, and at the same time shows the site of the fire , recording the time of fires. General automatic fire alarm systems and automatic sprinkler system, fire hydrant systems, smoke control system .They protect you and warn you for early signs of fire. Therefore you are evacuated by the signal of a fire alarm quickly before the fire gets too dangerous. Some Fire Alarm Systems automatically call the fire brigade.

Fire Alarm system



Fire Alarm System Advantages

  • Easy to install, simple to use, no special wiring installed, users willing to accept.
  • Maximum professional protection even for small objects.
  • Automatic fire brigade alerting and on-site warnings.
  • Discrete visual presence, does not detract from spatial aesthetics.
  • Expandable for intrusion and hold-up alarming as well as access control.
  • The cost is relatively low, the cost is only detectors, relay module, GPRS data logger, GPRS receiving terminal and GPRS SIM card data traffic costs.
  • Simple operation, low professional requirements, regulatory personnel, using management, easy to use.


Major Benefits Of Fire Alarms System


  • A house with a fire alarm is a safer house and fetches a far better price in the real estate market. The customers feel secured when they see that they are opting for a property that has the safety measures installed.
  • In business premises, installing a fire alarm puts an end to the apprehensions of whether there may be a sudden fire break and one can work in peace.
  • The utility of a fire alarm can also be felt in busy places like shopping malls, schools, offices etc, where, if a fire alarm hoots, people can be moved out safely and the lives of many are saved.
  • Using a fire alarm is a cost effective way to ensure that your assets are not in danger. Being noted beforehand you can move them out quickly thus saving your valuables from being burnt.
  • In hospitals and places of interest like historically important places, fire alarms are essential as the patients can move out of the hospitals and the valuable relics are saved from the flames.
  • The alarm works even when nobody is in the house and thus alerts the neighbors. This way your home can be protected from any major damages.