A Building Management System (BMS) is used for all within the building’s systems , particularly the electrical and mechanical installations, central to steer (control), operate and work together (communicating)Building Management System integrates all engineering and safety systems into a single information environment. This allows for minimal resources staff to monitor and manage the building. Traditionally, building service is organized as a set of systems, each of which requires a personal service and is not connected with the others.Today, however, especially in buildings with a complex structure of a number of engineering systems can amount to tens. Effectively manage them using outdated mechanical methods, it became practically impossible.

Building Management System


Features Of Building Management System

  • It Manages & control Owner & tenant payments.
  • It Manages bills
  • Create Resolutions for residence of building
  • Create Announcements like billing.
  • Add Neighbors for making connection between people around you.
  • Online Invoicing, make easy for users to pay bills
  • Upload Images of buildings to share them to your friends & family.
  • Share images with friends
  • Critical Reminders via SMS alerts & email to users.
  • Manage data, by creating different type of reports.
  • Show all Tenant Report.
  • Show all Owner Report.
  • Logs of all activities.


Advantages Of Building Management System

  • Exterior Systems
  • Building Access/Surveillance/Life SafetyBuilding Management Systems
  • HVAC/Mechanical
  • Gas/Contamination
  • Elevators
  • Interior Lighting
  • Utility Monitoring
  • IP Connectivity
  • Intelligent Restrooms
  • Digital Signage
  • Intelligent Kitchens


Benefits of Building Management Systems


  •  Power / energy saving.
  • Less manpower usage.
  • Better security .Building Management Systems
  • Better convince
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Environmental Sustainability Policy
  • Scalability
  • Systems Alarm Reporting.
  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting.
  • Improved data gathering and analysis
  • Advanced system wide alarm management
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface