SmartSuite Software – Time Attendance Software

BioEnable SmartSuite Software is a complete web based Software Series which Includes solution for Time Attendance, HR Management System, Payroll, and Contract Labor Management Being a web based Time Attendance, HRMS Solution, Payroll, and Contract Labor Management. Our SmartSuite Software can be accessed by users/employees from anywhere anytime on the web provided you have an […]

Business IP PBX System

Business IP PBX System is an IP-based company telephone system. This system can be fully integrated voice communication to the company’s data network, so as to establish the ability to connect distributed unified voice and data network in the world around the office and staff. The system can be fully integrated voice communication to the […]

Contract Labor Management System (CLMS)

The Online Contract Labor Management System developed by BioEnable is based on Biometric Fingerprint Technology where all the labour will be registered with their Fingerprint and other details which can be used for verification as well and only the authorized labours will enter the premise based on the quota defined and approved by the companies […]

Payroll Software

Payroll Software for small and mid-sized businesses and accounting professionals. Employee Self Service (ESS) under the brand Payroll – It is an intranet/internet application that provides employees personalized and secure access to most frequently requested payroll related information such as Pay Slip, Income Tax Report, Previous Income Details, Digital Signature Form 16, Leave Management Module, […]

Canteen Management System

We offer quality solution to our clients in the form of Canteen Management Software, which is widely used in many large or small scale canteens. This software effectively maintains the accounts of working employees, while maintaining an inventory of day-to-day operations of the canteen. It works on the card swipe system and provides complete information […]

School and Institute Management Software

School Attendance Software System is  developed by SmartSuite Team , School Attendance Software system may be a Complete on-line School Application that features all kinds of school/institute/college Management & Administration profile as Front table, Registration, Admission, Fee, Time Table, employees Management,  Students-Staff daily attendance, Examination, Library, Hostel, Payroll, Transportation, Inventory, Accounts, MIS Reports, Utilities, panel, […]

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software keeps a track record of every visitor and his/her duration of stay. We can also provide modified visitor management system for meeting the specific requirement of the clients. The features can also be added or removed, if needed by our valuable clients. Visitor Management System is particularly relevant in institutions and companies […]

Identity Management System

SmartSuite Identity Management System  addresses customer’s security concerns by providing solutions that enable the right access to the right systems by the right people at the right time. Our solutions are delivered by the best technical people in the business; our experience has shown that business process analysis is just as important as the technology. […]

Membership Management System

Membership Management System is primarily a Windows-based system. There are multiple options for data hosting including Networks and Web servers. It is designed for associations, clubs and organizations both big and small. Membership Management System  Online provides a Web Browser interface for end-users and administrators. This can integrate with MASS for Windows with the data […]

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System – Introduction Fire Alarm System for early detection and to inform fire , and take timely and effective measures to control and extinguish the fire, and set in a building or other place of an automatic fire facilities, is indispensable to modern fire safety technical facilities. Fire Alarm System – Overview Fire […]

Video Surveillance System

The Video Surveillance System is part of the security system, it is a precautionary ability of the integrated system. Video surveillance with its intuitive, convenient, information content rich and are widely used in many occasions. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer, networking and image processing, transmission technology of video surveillance system technology […]

Building Management System

A Building Management System (BMS) is used for all within the building’s systems , particularly the electrical and mechanical installations, central to steer (control), operate and work together (communicating)Building Management System integrates all engineering and safety systems into a single information environment. This allows for minimal resources staff to monitor and manage the building. Traditionally, […]